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NYX Sport Vision System

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The NYX Sport Vision System (NYX SVS) consists of interchangeable lenses designed to span the wide variety of conditions that sportsmen face. These tints are designed to control the two factors that impact sportsmen the most: brightness and contrast.  Brightness is the property of light that makes you squint. Contrast is the property of light that allows you to differentiate colors and focus on an object. Brightness is controlled by varying the total amount of light allowed through the lens while contrast is controlled by varying the amount and type of color allowed through the lens.


The Packages that we offer are designed around these factors and include specific lenses to give the sportsman the maximum benefit.  What sets these sport glasses apart from others presently on the market is a unique rimless prescription system known as the intraSPX Prescriptions Insert System.  It is an optical insert system that can be interchanged between any of the polycarbonate lenses offered in our packages.  It is the thinnest, lightest sport optical system in existence.  It is available in single vision and bifocal, in hard coated plastic or hard coated polycarbonate material.

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The lenses are made from polycarbonate and meet or exceed the ANSI Z80.1 requirements for impact resistance.  All lenses utilize a 6 base lens curvature that closely matches the actual curvature of the eye. This eliminates distortion across the normal viewing range.

The lenses are coated with a scratch resistant material and block 100% of harmful UV light. 

The frame is made from Grilamid TR-90.  This nylon 12 derivative represents the best combination of strength and flexibility available in a plastic  frame. The material used for both the nose piece and the ear pieces is designed to keep the glasses from slipping, even in sweaty conditions. Frame colors available are: Carbon [Grey] and Blue Steel.

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